Welcome to the Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 Artist Lineup for Day 1!

For those attending Anime Festival Asia 2016, some of you might know everyone on the roster (you’re good!) while some of you may only know some of the most famous names on the list. This “Day 1” feature is here to give up a general idea of who’s who performing on the very first day of the concert, on Friday. Whoever planned this lineup, so pull on some nostalgia strings our hearts!

Presenting to you the lineup for Day 1, from the golden age of ANIME, we have, HOME MADE KAZOKU, KOTOKO and TM Revolution!



Home Made Kazoku


HOME MADE KAZOKU is a HIP HOP group comprising of the three members MICRO, KURO and U-ICHI.

They met during their university days in Aichi Prefecture and formed the group in 1996. They had their major debut in 2004 with smash hits including ‘Thank You!!’, ‘Shounen Heart’, ‘Serbia no Tsubomi’ which enjoyed great popularity. In 2009, they achieved their dream with a successful solo live concert at the prestigious Budoukan. They have announced that they will be taking a break from activities from December 2016 onwards. Before that, they will be releasing a last Best Album ‘LAST FOREVER BEST ~Mirai e to Tsunagu FAMILY SELECTION~’.

HOME MADE KAZOKU is no stranger to Anisong with some of their best titles being the opening and closing songs for household names like “BLEACH”, “NARUTO Shippūden”, and “EUREKA SEVEN.”

However, just recently they have announced that they will be taking a break from activities from December 2016 onwards. Before that, they will be releasing a last Best Album ‘LAST FOREVER BEST ~Mirai e to Tsunagu FAMILY SELECTION~’.

If there’s one song I would recommend, it would be Shone Heart! , the second opening from Eureka Seven! Brings back good memories ^^

If you enjoy their stuff, you should really be attending the upcoming I Love Anisong Concert, it might just be their last overseas. The other way would be to see them in Japan before they go on hiatus in December!



She started her activities as a vocalist of “I’ve”, the music creator team from Hokkaido, in 2000. She made her major debut with the 1st album “HANE –hane-“ in 2004, which ranked in at 7th in Oricon.

She has sung a theme song for many TV animations, such as “Hayate no Gotoku!” from “Hayate the Combat Butler”, “being” from “Shakugan no Shana” and “→unfinished→” from “Accel World”. Her activities expanded to other fields such as movies and games.

She’s also famous for writing for other people as well, such as “SHOOT!” , which was the theme song for “RO-KYU-BU!” and “sign” for “Ano Natsuga Matteru”.

Here’s footage from her 10th Anniversary live via Warner Bros. official Youtube page!

It’s a splendid list of songs you can expect to hear her sing at AFA! Light My Fire and Re-sublimity is two song I’d recommend you guys to listen to, to prepare yourself for KOTOKO!

TM Revolution


Born September 19th, 1970 in Shiga prefecture, Takanori Nishikawa debuted in May 1996, with the song “Dokusai –monopolize-“, as T.M.Revolution, his solo project. Ever since then he continues to release monstrously popular songs such as “HIGH PRESSURE”, “HOT LIMIT”, “WHITE BREATH”, and “INVOKE”, many which were theme songs for either Mobile Suit Gundam SEED or Sengoku BASARA.

His popularity can be seen in the many lives around the world, his appointment as the first ‘Goodwill Ambassador for Hometown Shiga’, and he has been hosting Shiga prefecture’s first major outdoor annual music festival, ‘Inazuma Rock Festival’, with cooperation from local authorities.

He is currently doing his 20th Anniversary Tour in Japan and making a stop in Singapore before the last few legs, ending at Budoukan next year on January 3 and 4. He also released a 20th Anniversary Album titled 2020 -T.M.Revolution ALL TIME BEST- which compiles all his most famous songs up until before Thunderbolt Fantasy’s RAIMEI.

And speaking of RAIMEI, you can expect him to perform it at AFA so here’s a preview….of the full song!

Got you excited yet? I bet you are! You can get a single day ticket for AFA 2016, but why do that when you can get the 3-day ticket and enjoy all that great artist performances! If you want to see them all across the three days of AFA Singapore 2016, make sure to get your three days VIP package so that you can grab a good seat for all three days.

25, 26, 27 November 2016
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center

Tickets are now available on APACTIX!


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