The third Digimon Adventure tri. film, Kokuhaku, has now been shown around the world, and it has left a lot of questions regarding the future of the chosen children and of their respective partner-Digimon. Now, we may be getting a clue into what happens next in a brand new visual for the film, which was revealed by the series’ official website:


The new poster visual shows the Ultimate or Mega Digivolution of Sora’s partner-Digimon, Piyomon, which is called Hououmon. It features her taking on a villain that fans of the original anime should be familiar with, and that is the Dark Master known as Mugendramon, also known in the English version as Machinedramon.

The poster also reveals the film’s release date, which will be on 25 February 2017. Also announced is the film’s DVD and Blu-ray release, which will be on 4 April 2017.