After his horrific fall during a live event and hospitalisation for injuries, OLDCODEX’s member, YORKE, is now back on the road and on tour.


The JROCK duo resumed their tour after consulting with YORKE’s doctor, who cleared him to be fit enough to go back on tour. The tour will include a stop in Shanghai, China this Sunday, and with the doctor giving his green light, it really does seem that the band member is good to go.

After falling off the stage because he lost consciousness, the rocker was then rushed to the hospital where he underwent several tests, including a CT scan. There, it was found out that he suffered several injuries, including a concussion and a fractured rib, as well as several other injuries in his arms and legs because of the fall. He was also diagnosed with a contusion.

A performance in Fukuoka was delayed because of this, and the band’s staff is now rescheduling it and looking into giving refunds for those who already bought their tickets.

source: OLDCODEX official