And they are looking for an ambassador to help spread the word that such a place existed.


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So, what is KURATE Gakuen?


As you would have guessed, KURATE Gakuen is a school, physically located in Kurate city in Fukuoka, a southern state of Japan. About an hour drive from Hakata city, it was formally a functioning school, Kurate-minami Junior High School, built with a full suite of facilities, classrooms, staff room, swimming pool, gym, music room, science labs, and more!

But time hasn’t been kind to the school; it closed its doors to the daily seekers of knowledge in March 2015. Losing its status as a functioning school and set for either abolishment or abandonment as the impending fate.

A new life!

Despite the closure, the town has chosen to recycle the school campus into something attractive to draw in the cosplayers. A life-size photo studio! Opening up all the facilities for registered cosplayers to make use of as a photo shoot location.

Why? As said by Kurate’s mayor, Shinji Tokushima, “We want to make this place a sanctuary and promote it to Asia and the world, that would lead to the revitalization of Kurate.” in an interview with The Asahi Shimbun.

Facilities include but not limited to,

KURATE Gakuen’s Classroom; Opened to cosplayer and photographers for your creative juice to flow
The School hall
hmm, backyard?
hmm, backyard?

Look they even have a Promotional Video for the school!

How to shoot there?

The school is open at certain times of the month with free entry for cosplayers and a mere 1000 yen for non-cosplayers to conduct photo shoots around the school. How to check when it’s open for all? You can visit their homepage at, where a calendar is shown.

Need photography advice? The staff at the location are sometimes also photographers and would be able to provide timely advice to produce better photos.



Good news, they are looking for a MOE Ambassador to help spread the word. The duties of the ambassador include helping to share the latest news on their own social media services, as well as to tell people about KURATE Gakuen.

Candidates should,
・be able to visit Kurate City Japan on 17 Feb – 19 Feb
・be a fan of Cosplay or Cosplayer
・have a good social media presences on Twitter and/or Facebook
Submission closes 15th January 2017.

Selected ambassadors will get a chance to visit the school in February on an all expense paid trip to KURATE Gakuen!

To apply, fill in the form below and wait for the results!

If you can’t see the form, please follow this link, registration form.