New Year is a very special occasion in Japan, even more special than the rest of the world. The holiday is usually celebrated with feasts known as Osechi, which are meals usually cooked by the household’s women, and feature food with certain meanings associated with the New Year.

However, in modern times, women have been a lot busier, and those households who can’t cook one tend to order out, and these take-out Osechi have gotten a special twist thanks to Pokemon.


Osechi are usually served in two-tiered bento boxes with ornate designs, however, this Pokemon version has it served inside a Pokeball, with some of the food having a Pokemon theme. Each one is prepared by Kyoto-based osechi maker Kyosaimi Nomura, and each box includes:


● Matcha green tea roll cake
● Star-shaped pineapple chunks
● Cheese-wrapped kamaboko fish cakes
● Tamagoyaki omelettes
● Hamburger steaks
● Crab claws
● Chestnut sweet potatoes
● Bacon-wrapped cheese sticks
● Carrot and pickle salad
● Salmon roe
● Candied peaches
● Sakura-shaped daikon radish chunks


● Kamaboko fish cakes
● Datemaki sweet omelet rolls
● Grilled burdock root
● Shrimp
● Kelp rolls
● Herring roe
● Kumquat compote
● Dried sardines
● Kuromame sweet black beans
● Dango dumplings
● Mini daifuku sweet dumplings

Each osechi box costs 10,584 yen, and comes with Pikachu-themed napkins and chopsticks. The will be released from 28 – 30 December 2016, just days before New Year’s Eve. Orders can be placed here


source: Rocket News 24