Getting stalkers, obsessive fans, haters, hate mail, harassment from unknown people, and all-sorts of uncomfortable things always seem to “come with the work” when you’re a celebrity. However, sometimes, enough is enough, and talent agency, I’m Enterprise, which represents several notable seiyuu, has stepped in and actually called in some help from the police.


In their official website, the agency noted that several of their talents are getting harassed both in the internet and in social media over some “untrue” topics. They also reported several unauthorized photographs of their talents, and these incidents have prompted them to sought help from the police.

The talent agency, which represent notable seiyuu like Mai Nakahara, Saori Oonishi, Kana Ueda, Maaya Uchida (and younger brother Yuuma Uchida), Kouhei Amasaki, Hiroyuki Kagura, Kazutaka Ishii, and more, are already discussing legal actions, and urged the public to report any sort of harassment they see to the police.

source: ann