Yu-Gi-Oh! is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Japanese fashion brand, Super Groupies, is bringing back some dueling nostalgia with two brand new watches inspired by Yugi and Kaiba respectively. I guess you could say… “It’s TIME to DUEL!”


The Yugi Muto model is inspired by the character’s signature Millennium Puzzle, and is gold-plated to match Yugi’s artifact. It is detachable, and can be worn either as a regular wristwatch or as a pendant, just like the real Millennium Puzzle. It costs 18,000 yen.

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But if Yugi is not your thing, perhaps Kaiba can help with your timely needs. The Kaiba Seto model comes with the motif of his signature Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, and even comes with an outline of the powerful and rare dragon. The watch costs 12,800 yen.

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So, which watch will you wear when it’s time to duel?

source: Rocket News 24