Japan is known for its weird,wacky, and often ridiculous TV commercials, and Nissin Cup Noodles has a few of them, including their most recent one featuring the ever-popular Final Fantasy XV.

Now that was weird! The ad started normally enough… and then the noodles came out! Yeah, it just couldn’t get weirder when you have Noctis surrounded with forks and a ramen cup on top of his head.


The TV ad is actually the developers at Square Enix returning the favor to Nissin, which sent them a free delivery of ramen for their hard work in the game.

Nissin is also launching a special collaborative campaign which coincides with the “Cup Noodle XV” commercial where 150 lucky ramen lovers get to win cool prizes. They are also planning 15 different limited edition Final Fantasy XV packaged ramen, and a new official website for the collaboration has also been launched.