From the studio that brought us Angel Beats, and Angel Beats -1st beat-, comes a new visual novel for the PC, Summer Pockets. With the original story penned by Jun Maeda, players can expect yet another masterpiece.

The setting of the game would be in a rural village on an remote island, and based on the visuals provided by Key, fans theorize that setting is at the very least visually based in Kagawa Prefecture.

The Team

Including Maeda, the team consists of Producer, Tohya Okano, Director, Kai, Artists Na-Ga, Tsubasu Ikumi, and Nagayama Yuunon, Kai will be joined in crafting the game’s scenario by Yuu Niijima, and Hazama, and finally Maeda will be composing the game’s music together with Shinji Orito, Donmaru, and Tomohiro Takeshi.

Characters announced so far,

Some of the characters who will feature in the game are:

Naruse Shiroha – a girl who has forgotten summer vacation

Kushima Kamome – a lady seeking a pirate ship

Sorakado Ao – a girl who is a follower of the island’s tradition

And, Tsumugi Wenders – a youth looking for herself

Source: Official Website