The staff for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film has revealed a brand new poster visual, which finally gives us the first look at actor Masataka Kubota in costume as the male lead, Ken Kaneki.

The poster also revealed the movie version for Kaneki’s iconic eye patch ghoul mask. Christian Dada designer, Masanori Morikawa, designed the mask. Morikawa is a self-professed fan of Sui Ishida’s manga, and his mask will go on display during the Jump Festa event in Chiba.

And speaking of Jump Festa, the Chiba event will also screen two minutes worth of the film’s footage. The event will be screening the exclusive footage this Sunday.

 While Masataka Kubota plays Kaneki, actress Fumika Shimizu is playing Toka Kirishima. Yuu Aoi is playing Rize Kamishiro, while actor Nobuyuki Suzuki is playing Koutaro Amon. Also revealed is live-action actor and seiyuu Yo Oizumi, who is playing Kureo Mado. Kentarou Hagiwara is directing the film.

 source: Comic Natalie