With both franchises making their premieres this month, Black Butler and Blue Exorcist have teamed up for a new collaboration. This features a crossover where characters from both franchises exchange costumes. For the collaboration, Blue Exorcist’s Rin exchanges costumes with Black Butler’s Sebastian. It also features Blue Exorcist’s Yukio and Black Butler’s Grell exchanging costumes as well.

Rin and Yukio donning Black Butler costumes is called “Blue Butler”, while Sebastian and Grell donning Blue Exorcist costumes is called “Black Exorcist”. The are doing this to promote the upcoming Blue Exorcist TV anime and the Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic film. The four characters also exchange signature catchphrases.

Rin: I’m going to be the strongest butler!
Yukio: You’re a fool, brother. Why would you say you want to become a butler?!

Sebastian: I’m one hell of an exorcist. (Alternately, “I’m a demon, and so I’m an exorcist.”
Grell: I’m an exorcist to die for! (Alternately, “Even like this, I’m an exorcist!”)

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga premieres on 6th January, while Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic hits Japanese theaters on 21st January.

Source: ANN