T.M.Revolution was back at AFA Singapore this year!

I’m sure many fans have been wishing to see him perform on the I Love Anisong stage again, and we’re really lucky to have him back this year!

T.M.Revolution is actually a solo project of Takanori Nishikawa, a Japanese singer and actor, and it stands for Takanori Makes Revolution! He debuted as T.M.Revolution back in 1996 and has sung many popular anisongs to date. Some notable hits from him include “HEART OF SWORD” from the anime Rurouni Kenshin, “ignited,” as well as “INVOKE” from the Mobile Suit GUNDAM SEED series.

His latest single is “RAIMEI,” which is the main theme for the movie, Thunderbolt Fantasy, which was also featured at the stage event at AFA this year!

Looking the smartest~

T.M.Revolution was all smiles and came dressed in a full suit and tie. When asked about his impression of Singapore this time,  he said that compared to three years ago, the city landscape had changed quite a lot, which really surprised him.

For this year’s I Love Anisong concert, they have prepared a set list to give the audience a total recap of the past 20 years of T.M.Revolution! This year, he has released his own Doujinshi at comiket, it was a collection of drawings of different anime characters wearing T.M.Revolution’s iconic costume from the single, “Hot Limit”. Although he has no plans to sell the Doujinshi overseas, he added that the said costume would be selling in Japan soon, and to check it out!  Please do visit the Don Quijote stores if you’re visiting Japan soon. The costume will be priced at 3980 yen.

T.M.Revolution also shared his interest in collaborating with more Asian artists, like the one he had with female idol group, AOA, from South Korea.

But what would Takanori Nishikawa be, if he did not pursue a music career?

From a young age, he always loved to draw, but at the same time, he felt that it would not be sustainable as a full-time job, a reason why he decided not to pursue that path. If he were to do something else,  he would probably be an art teacher.

As we all know,  he is a very busy person, but when he does have free time, he usually watches anime,  something he really loves to do! When asked if he does anything specifically to prepare himself before a live performance, he usually does stretches to warm himself up to get ready for the performance. Also, his secret to having such a nice and toned body is to “talk” with your muscles, to train regularly, and to eat well!  

Lastly, he has a message to all his fans in Asia! “With everyone’s support all these years, I have been able to hold concerts in many parts of Asia, and I hope that everyone will continue to give me your support!”

Watch the full interview here!  


For those who attended I Love Anisong day 1, wasn’t T.M.Revolution’s performance super awesome?! It would be great if he can perform in Singapore again!