Petite, cute and adorable yet packed with a strong voice

While performing at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 I Love Anisong Concert, the above are strong feelings oozing out. Did everyone enjoyed Ami Wajima’s performance?

Want to know more about her?

Well, we managed to take some of her time to get everyone’s questions answered! Ami Wajima, the winner of “HoriPro x PONY CANYON Next Generation Anisong Singer Audition”. She debuted this year with her first single “Gensou Drive”. With such talent, she continued her streak with the single “Eien Loop”, ending theme for the Anime “Kuromukuro”, released in August.

Senpai suki!

Ami Wajima aspires to be like May’n, who is also her senior in Horipro. She also wishes to collaborate with KOTOKO, who was also part of the anisong concert this year. Don’t you wish to see them performing together in the future?

Born in Hokkaido, Ami Wajima teaches us about some interesting phrases that you can use. She also tells us a little about her hometown, Kutchan-town.

Do check out the rest of her interview at the video above!