Are you mesmerised by Alisa Takigawa’s vocal and guitar performance?

Alisa Takigawa after falling in love with music in junior high school; She proceeded to debut in 2015 then having 190,000 views for her youtube video, ultimately winning her the Japan Golden Disc Award Best 5 New Artists. In 2016, She started performing overseas in Singapore and Indonesia, both in the “I Love Anisong” series of concerts.

Her strong passion for music resonates with the fans listening to her strong vocals and beautiful chords. Despite having debuted only in 2015, Alisa Takigawa has already ventured deep into the world of anisong. So far, she has sung the theme songs for anime titles like “Nanatsu no Taizai”, and “Owarimonogatari”.

Did we mention that she won the “30th Japan Golden Disc Award Best 5 New Artists” for singing these amazing songs?!

The Interview,

In a short chat with her, we asked about her career and who she admires as a role model. Catch it, as the answer, might just surprise you!

Do check out the rest of the interview in the video above!