After revealing Tohka’s live-action version in her school uniform, the official Tokyo Ghoul twitter page has now revealed her in her waitress uniform. The waitress uniform reveal is actually part of the cover for the 9th issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine.

For the live-action film, Fumika Shimizu cut her signature long hair short just for her role as Tohka Kirishima.

They previously revealed actor Masataka Kubota in costume as Ken Kaneki. You can check him out in costume here:

For the film, Yuu Aoi is playing Rize Kamishiro, while actor Nobuyuki Suzuki is playing Koutaro Amon. Also revealed is live-action actor and seiyuu Yo Oizumi, who is playing Kureo Mado. Kentarou Hagiwara is directing the film, which premieres sometime in summer 2017.