The Japan International Manga Awards give non-Japanese writers recognition in the Japanese manga industry. For this year’s 10th anniversary edition, the award-giving body’s official website has now declared the winners:

Bronze Award winners:
King of Vampires (Thailand)
Artist : Mangkorn Soraphon (Thailand)
Story Writer : Wipaporn (Usagi) Rutchote (Thailand)
Evil Discus (Thailand)
Wiroj (Beast) Ruengsiri (Thailand)
Secrets of the Ninja (America)
Artist : Akiko Shimojima (Japan)
Story Writer : Seàn Michael Wilson (United Kingdom)
TsangyangGyatso (China)
Artist : Zhao Ze (China)
Story Writer : Guo Qiang (China)
RARUURIEN (Indonesia)
ANN MAULINA (Indonesia)
TEBORI (France)
Artist : TOLEDANO (Spain)
Story Writer : ROBLEDO (Spain)
Summer Temple Festival I (Taiwan)
Zuo Hsuan (Taiwan)
Tussles Against Spectres (South Korea)
Youngoh Kim (Korea)
Woelan (Indonesia)
Dimaz Sadewa (Indonesia)

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had organised this prestigious manga award. They give them to mangaka who promote manga overseas. This year, they received 296 entries from different 55 countries and regions.

A jury led by mangaka Machiko Satonaka chose the winners, with the selection process done in cooperation with the Association of Manga Publishers. Congratulations to all the winners!