Before Cloud and Sephiroth get to duke it out once again for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, a snow sculpture featured the two of them in Sapporo. It is part of this year’s annual Sapporo Snow Festival. It features Cloud about to take on a One-Winged Sephiroth, and all it needs is that awesome theme music.

The sculpture is actually an official one by Square Enix, with the gaming company setting up a shop nearby.

What a way to hype up a game which we still don’t know much details about, huh? Several images of the sculpture also popped up all over social media.

Many were asking why Cloud’s head looked small? According to Famitsu, this was due to the snow’s weight. “It was necessary to make his lower back larger so the sculpture won’t collapse.”

And finally, during the evening, a projection mapping show brings the sculpture to life.


Images via @3939_diva@happy_chloe0220@Saki_Nagi0, and DFF_fami via Kotaku