Japanese Prince of Tennis fans seem to have a weird Valentine’s Day tradition, and it involves chocolates. Every year, adoring fans of Takeshi Konomi’s tennis manga send chocolates to their favorite character. This tradition would often get hilarious results, as fans flood Shueisha’s Jump Square office with Valentine’s Day chocolates. Series creator Takeshi Konomi is even egging fans on.

In a tweet last January, the mangaka told fans that the tradition continues. He also gave fans a mailing address to where they can send their sweet Valentine gifts. He also teased that their favorite characters might even return the favor on White Day!

However, he also told fans not to overdo it. He also told fans not to spend “too much money” on chocolates. Needless to say, that plea not to overdo the chocolate sending fell on deaf ears, as fans still flooded Shueisha with a ton of chocolates anyway.

Looks like Konomi and some Shueisha staffers might be getting diabetes soon, because that’s a lot of chocolate! For his part, Konomi thanked the fans for all their effort and told them he appreciated the gestures. He said that it shows just how much the fans love the characters from his manga.

There is also a yearly contest to see which character got the most chocolates, though Shueisha hasn’t revealed the results yet.

source: @konomi_takeshi