As kids, we’ve all tried our hands at drawing. Sometimes, we proudly show them off to our parents to show how great our artworks are. But what if your father was a professional artist working on some unforgettable anime? Because this is exactly what happened to French animator, Thomas Romain, and his son.

Foreign animators working on Japanese anime are uncommon in Japan, and Romain is certainly one of them. He has worked on several titles, including Symphogear, Macross Delta, and Basquash, as well as Space Dandy. So when his 8 and 10-year old sons decided to draw, he turned their creations into some badass anime designs.

“Tulip Brothers”

“Sand Golem”

“Snake Fighter”

“Killer Ball”

“Fire Guardian”

Now that’s some fatherly love right there! Will this inspire his sons to become animators too? Who knows? But their dad surely made them happy by turning their creators into badass masterpieces!

Source: @Thomasintokyo via grapee