The live-action Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell will be premiering in Singapore this 30th March. While many fans are concerned it will not be loyal to the original, Paramount Japan released a new video featuring the 1995 anime’s original director, Mamoru Oshii. They asked the director about his thoughts on the film, and he answered that he thought that it’s the “Most Beautiful Ghost in the Shell yet”.

Oshii also sang praises to lead actress Scarlett Johansson, stating that she exceeded his expectations in her role. He mentioned that she’s becoming more like the role than he imagined. The director even said that Johansson is “quite close” to the Motoko Kusanagi he depicted in the original. Oshii explained that Motoko Kusanagi has a ferocious side to her, and that she’s not completely human, and not completely a robot either. He then said that Scarlett Johansson was able to express that.

As for Rupert Sanders’ version of the film, Oshii said that “he’s making his own version”, but was also quite impressed.

The original anime director travelled to Hong Kong during filming last year. He went together with Stand Alone Complex director, Kenji Kamiyama, to meet with the cast and staff. Ghost in the Shell premieres in Singapore on 30th March, before heading to the US on 31st March. It will finally premiere in Japan on 7th April, but held its world premiere in Tokyo last 16th March.

Source: Anime! Anime!