Only in Japan can they turn warships from World War II into anthropomorphic moe girls in KanColle. Only in Japan can they turn classic Japanese swords into handsome ikemen in Touken Ranbu. Now, thanks to a start-up company called Enbound, they are now turning popular Japanese onsen into anthropomorphic moe school girls. Called Onsen Musume, these hot spring girls even get their own PV:

The project aims to promote Japanese hot spring resorts through these moe school girls. Made in conjunction with Tokyo Otaku Mode and Dai-ichi Kangyo Credit Cooperative, Onsen Musume is actually a multimedia project. Of course, this includes a crowdfunding project via Makuake with the goal of reaching 5 million yen. Those who donate to this crowdfunding project will be given several goodies which range from CDs to concert tickets.

As for the Onsen Musume themselves, they include some of Japan’s most well-known hot spring resorts. Hakone Onsen is known as Saya Hakone, while Gunma’s Kusatsu onsen goes by the name Kusatsu onsen. Meanwhile, Hokkaido’s most famous onsen goes by the name Ayase Noboribetsu.

The Onsen Musume also include several other famous Japanese onsen, like Nanako Akiu, Kanade Baden Yufuin, Izumi Dougo, and Mitsuki Gero. They also include the Arima sisters, Fuuko and Rinka, who represent Arima’s gold and silver hot springs. Together, the girls form an idol group called Springs, and their aim is to promote the many onsen of Japan. The hot spring god Sukunahiko apparently brought these onsen to life as anthropomorphic girls to form the idol group.

The project aims to expand to include other onsen as well. They also aim to get an anime and games for the series. Meanwhile, the video’s YouTube channel also stated that the girls have some big-name seiyuu voicing them. However, they did not offer any details on who is voicing who.

source: Rocket News 24