A crazed fan previously attacked and then stabbed singer and songwriter Mayu Tomita (not the AKB48 idol). The artiste received 24 stab wounds in the neck and chest and was in critical condition. In light of the attack, seiyuu talent company, 81Produce, has asked something very important from fans.

According to a request posted on the company’s official website, they are asking fans to stop waiting for seiyuu whenever they enter or leave buildings. They also asked them to stop following their seiyuu and to also stop taking pictures of them without permission. The company says that these practices can not only cause incidents like the Tomita’s case, but also cause trouble to their neighbours.

However, 81 Produce also thanked the fans for their continued support. They then warned that extreme actions will also cause problems not only for the agency and seiyuu, but other fans as well.

As for Tomita’s attacker, a Japanese court sentenced Tomohiro Iwazaki to 14 years and six months in prison. Iwazaki confessed to stabbing Tomita last May after she apparently returned a gift he sent her. He also admitted that he had been waiting in a station to ask the singer about his gift.

Many also consider the trial for Tomita’s attack to be pretty wild as well. During the hearing, Iwazaki apparently shouted “Then you should kill me” while Tomita was at the stand.

source: Nijimen