Being a teacher can be tough, but teaching monster girls can be tougher. This is the subject of Interviews with Monster Girls, an anime about a curious biology teacher and the demi-humans around him. But did you know that the anime also features several locations from real life?

Thanks to the power of Google Street View, anime fans can now find these locations from the anime. One of the most obvious ones is the location of the anime’s setting, Shibasaki High School. In reality, Shibasaki High School is patterned after the Tokyo Metropolitan Nerima Technical High School. As the name suggests, you can find it in Nerima in Tokyo.

In the anime, Machi the Dullahan once had her head separated from her body because of a train. This incident actually happened in Okayama Station.

And speaking of Machi, she and the vampire, Hikari, seem to live in the neighborhood around Kita-Kamakura Station.

The anime also highlights the area around Enoden Kamakura Station. They also found the stained glass shop Hakushaku, which is really called Danshaku in real life. This is where Takahashi-sensei took Machi’s head on a date.

As for where the Succubus, Sakie-sensei, lives, she seems to live around the area of Gokurakuji Station. Taking the train from there also lets her pass by the scenic Enoden route along the Pacific Ocean.

Does this scenery seem familiar? This is because of the classic basketball anime, Slam Dunk, which had helped popularise the area.

And finally, there’s this mysterious car route. According to Crunchyroll, you can actually find it in the street right in front of Kita-Kamakura Station.

images via Crunchyroll