Is there anything wrong to pick up girls in dungeons?

We attended this stage to let you know how hyped we were for this upcoming new series.

The anime, “Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka”, also known as “Danmachi” will be broadcasting its spin-off, “Sword Oratolia” this coming April. This spin-off story revolves around Aiz Wallenstein and her family, and their adventures through the dungeons. Similar to the story in Danmachi, we will be looking at a different perspective of Aiz’s adventures in the dungeons.

On stage were a generous attendance of voice actresses. Guest speakers, Saori Onishi (Aiz), Rie Murakawa (Tiona), Yurika Kubo (Loki) and Inori Minase (Hestia). And MCs Minami Takahashi (Tione) and Juri Kimura (Lefiya).

The earliest stage of the day started with a game of creating the best pose for “Sword Oratolia”. You definitely have to understand what kind of story this anime offers to pose. Everyone confidently posed with their “Air” swords, some which looked really cool and some which were made fun of by the other members. It followed with an introduction of the show itself, and self-introductions of each character which the guests of the stage played.

What would make an RPG-oriented anime better? Getting to play it as a game too right?

A great announcement for all the RPG players who love Danmachi out there because… There will be a smartphone application game released soon! Do look out for it when it releases, and also pre-register for the game at:

To end off the talk show, Yuka Iguchi took the stage and sang the anime’s opening theme song, “RE-ILLUSION”. Following the theme of the story in the anime, this refreshing song will brighten the journey up for you! Do check the song out at the link below.

The stage ended off with a farewell message from the guests.

The stage was extremely hyped for the anime release. Many of the participants have read the light novel and are looking forward to it being animated. Even if you have not read it yet, you should definitely look forward to the broadcast of this awesome show.

Aren’t you all excited, I am too! It will be out really soon, so do check it out!