April Fools may be over, but we sure had quite a good laugh! For several of the Japanese anime companies, April Fools Day is serious business. Every 1st April, they do their best in trying to “fool” their audiences, though a lot of them are quite obvious. Amongst the tons of anime-related April Fools Day pranks out there, we picked out 10 of our favorites.

1. BanG Dream: Poppin’ Dream Band releasing latest single, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR!

2. Digimon Adventure tri: Next film will include these new Ultimate-form Digimon

3. Live-action Full Metal Alchemist film: They finally reveal who is playing Alphonse Elric!

4. Hell Girl: Ai Enma becomes Heavenly Girl instead of Hell Girl

5. New Game: Season 2 actually changes genre and is now a fantasy series

6. Yuri on Ice x Rage of Bahamut – Virgin Soul: The Crossover we thought will never happen actually happens

7. Blazblue and Guilty Gear: 2 series finally do a crossover… in the idol genre!

8. Dragon Ball Super: An economic crisis happens and Son Goku and the Z Fighters quit fighting and become salarymen

9. Fate/Grand Order: Type-Moon to launch new Fate game where you can catch servants like in Pokemon GO

10. Brave King GaoGaiGar: Classic anime animals from Nippon Animation band together for “Sentaku-Oh Gaoaraige”

Well, we thought they were funny at least! But really though, a Pokemon GO-style Fate game would be awesome!