Brace yourselves Love Livers, because Kanan Matsuura is about to go fabulous on a magazine cover! This is because the official Love Live website has revealed that she will be the cover girl for the special May 2017 edition of DIVER magazine.

DIVER is a diving lifestyle magazine, and their cover will feature Kanan in one of Japan’s most popular diving spots, Osezaki. However, the cover will only be for the magazine’s special May 2017 edition, which also features a double-sided poster. This poster will feature Kanan on one side, and then seiyuu Anju Inami, Rikako Aida, and finally, Nanaka Suwa on the other.

And speaking of the three AQOURS seiyuu on the poster, the magazine will also feature them in an article. The May 2017 issue, both regular and special editions, will feature an interview with the three of them. It will talk about AQOURS’ hometown of Numazu, as well as some diving-related interests there. Yeah, Love Live Sunshine is certainly contributing a lot to the town’s tourism, huh?

The magazine may have chosen Kanan as their cover girl because she’s a rather good one. She also takes care of her grandfather’s diving shop, so who better to grace the cover, right? The magazine’s May 2017 special edition will hit the shelves on 10 April 2017.