LisAni reports that at AnimeJapan 2017 — held last 25th and 26th March, DJ KAZU held nine deejay sets over the course of the weekend, in a special booth event called J-Anisong Kami Kyoku Matsuri – PARADISE- (J-Anisong Legendary Song Festival – PARADISE-). He played a medley of some of the most memorable anime themes, including “only my railgun” (fripSide), Little Busters! (Little Busters!), Seikai wa Hitotsu! Ja Nai!! (Milky Holmes), My Soul, Your Beats! (Angel Beats!), and so much more!

Photo by LisAni.JP

DJ KAZU has been spinning at Anime Japan every year since its conception. He always manages to pull in an enthusiastic crowd that does not hesitate to pull out their penlights and dance along — even in the packed hallways of Japan’s biggest anime convention. Fans can take home the DJ KAZU experience with the release of J-Anisong Kami Kyoku Matsuri – SPARK-, a compilation CD of anisong mixes, scheduled to be launched in May 2017.

Photo by LisAni.JP


You can also catch DJ KAZU live at Creators Super Fest 2017! Jakarta’s Creators Super Fest 2017 is slated for the 29th and 30th of April 2017 at the Pullman Grand Ballroom, in Indonesia! Creators’ Super Fest is an event where local creators get to showcase and sell their independent works to the wide market directly, while learning from industry figures invited to the event! Tickets are now available! You can also find out more about CSF 2017 at the official website:

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