The new exhibition entitled “Taberu wo Kaku” (Drawing Eating) opens on the 27th of May 2017 at the Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum.

Photo by Studio Ghibli, Museo d’Arte Ghibli

This exhibition, planned and supervised by Goro Miyazaki (director of “Tales from Earthsea”, also produced by Studio Ghibli), features food-related scenes from many of Studio Ghibli’s works. The exhibit will feature original drawings and background paintings centered around food and eating from films like “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”

There will also be a full-scale reproduction of the kitchen from Satsuki and Mei’s home from “My Neighbor Totoro”, as well as the kitchen of the airship Tiger Moth as seen in “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”. A corner to introduce the books that were referred to during the film’s production are likewise on display.

Photo by Studio Ghibli, Museo d’Arte Ghibli

Due to the popularity of the museum, tickets for the succeeding month’s exhibition days can be purchased starting on the 10th of the current month. However, lottery sales will be also conducted for tickets during the peak summer holidays period. For more details, please check the official site of Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Art Museum.

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