With the 20th Pokemon film, “Pokemon, I Choose You” premiering in July, the Pokemon Company revealed a brand new species! This time, it’s a mysterious mythical Pokemon they are calling “Marshadow”. Their official YouTube channel also started streaming a new PV introducing this new species.

However, they didn’t announce much information about this new Pokemon. We don’t even know what type it is, though a Dark and/or Ghost typing is possible. What we do know is that Marshadow will make its first anime appearance in “Pokemon, I Choose You!”

In the original Pokemon TV anime episode, Ash just saw Ho-oh as it passes by in the sky. However, as the trailer suggests, there’s a lot more to this meeting as previously shown! Like the 20th film, the first TV anime episode is also titled “Pokemon, I Choose You!”

As the videos suggest,the film takes a look back at Ash’s first meeting with Pikachu. The first episode was aired 20 years ago in 1997, so this landmark film is really a big throwback! The trailer also reveals that the film will premiere across theaters in Japan on 15th July.

20 years, huh? And Ash hasn’t even aged yet…