Sumire Uesaka may be known for her love of military hardware and Russia, but soon she will be dabbling into the occult. This is because she will be acting as a guest co-host for a variety talk show about the occult, Kinkyuu Kenshou! What’s more is that she will be starring alongside her co-host, Japanese musician Kenji Ohtsuki.

The two will be actually hosting Kinkyuu Kenshou‘s special episode, titled “Kinkyuu Perestroika, Ohken & Sumipe Together, 4th Red and White Occult Battle”. And from that title, it seems that Russia may be involved. That may also be why they’re bringing in Sumipe!

During the program, the duo will be watching the episode together, and they will be giving live commentaries. Both will use their experiences, as well as their opinions for their commentaries in the program.

As for the show itself, the special episode will air via the Japanese cable channel, Family Gekijo. They will be airing the episode on 5 May 2017, at 23:05 JST. Hopefully, Sumipe and Ohtsuki can give the fans some chills as well.

source: Animate Times