Sometimes, we see those Super Hero or Star Wars-themed wedding all over the world. This usually happens when two fans of the same fandom meet. But what ever happens when two gamers decide to tie the knot? A JRPG-themed wedding centered on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest of course!

The unnamed gamer couple made their vows last 5th May, and they even referenced it with their PS 5.5 wedding invitations. Their wedding had such a strong JRPG theme that their table sitting arrangements looked like this:

And yes, even their cake had a JRPG theme as well! Their cake featured the two franchises’ respective mascots, a Slime for DQ and a Chocobo for FF.

As for the bride herself, her manicure for the wedding also got its JRPG on. Her left hand boasted a Dragon Quest theme, while her right hand featured Final Fantasy.

Hey, even their ring case came in the shape of a treasure chest! There’s even a Metallic Slim inside!

The wedding also held a Real Escape Game for entertainment.

Source: Hachimakikou