Yoshihiro Togashi has gained a reputation for his long and frequent hiatuses. In fact, his hiatuses often last longer than his returns. His current hiatus currently stands at 42 weeks, while his previous return only lasted 11 weeks. Now we have good news that the mangaka is back, as Shonen Jump magazine revealed in an announcement.

Shonen Jump revealed that Hunter x Hunter will return from hiatus starting 26th June. This means that thankfully, he won’t be breaking that 80-week hiatus he held in his previous hiatus. And hopefully, the mangaka breaks his 11-week return this time too!

Togashi has been complaining about his back problems throughout his run on the manga. In fact, he’s been very vocal about stating his back problems. And because his frequent hiatuses often last years, fans grew frustrated and weary already. They even nicknamed the series “Hiatus x Hiatus”. Fans also accused Togashi of just faking his health problems to get out of work, and have also labelled him as “lazy”.

Image via YonkouProd