May’n has become someone like a connoisseur of good food, having tried the many delicacies around Asia. Curiosity overcame our sense and casually, We asked May’n for recommendation to delicious food in Japan.

We got a list of items from her and here is one of it.

May'n says

“I always try to copy their recipe and make it at home! They use 100% pork and it tastes lighter than traditional hamburg. The hamburg, together with the mustard sauce, and eggs on the side is my favourite. Their baguette is also delicious. I recommend the bread instead of the rice!”

Hamburg Will(ハンバーグ ウィル)?

There are many different variations of Hamburgers served in the world, many in fast-food restaurants, diners and even high-end restaurants. In Japan, where rice is the favoured staple instead of bread, many places serve the hamburgers with just the patty.

Hamburg Will takes hamburgers to the next level, using 100% premium Iwate pork. The restaurant is known to use Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) pork, which is known to be disease-free, free from a known stink that most pork has and gives you a refreshing after-taste.

On her recommendation, WOW Japan visited Hamburg Will. This lovely restaurant can be found in Shinjuku, in walking distance of Shinjuku National Garden. We found ourselves in a long queue when we arrived at lunch time.

Time to enjoy

To make the best hamburger, Hamburg Will arranges pork loin, ribs, belly and cheeks with different mincing methods for each part. Barley, yoghurt and onions are then added to the meat and knead into hamburgers. It is said to create a soft and mild taste to the burgers.

Built to your preferences, you can enjoy the hamburgers with three different types of sauces. Demi-glace, Yuzu-pepper sauce and cream mustard sauce. We decided to go with the Demi-glace this time to see how well the hamburger goes with a classic favourite flavour.


To prepare for a more efficient service, waiters take your orders while you are in the queue. So as soon as you get seated, you will be served right away!

Our meat is here!

Finishing our starters, we shall prepare our hearts for the main, the Hamburger! You can select either soup, bread or rice to go with this burger. Take a look at this delicious piece of meat drenched with demi-glace sauce. You can also order an additional soft-boiled egg to go with your meal which is absolutely FREE.

Cutting into this juicy hamburger, we were surprised to find that it was perfectly cooked. With no sight of any raw-ness, this is what you would like to see inside the patty.

We start the meal with a single bite of the meat. Juicy, a refreshing mild taste, and no trace of stink.

For every bite of the hamburger, take a spoonful of rice, and you get the enjoyment refreshed all over again!

How do we stop?!

This is one of the best Hamburger Steak that we might have ever come across. We can enjoy even with just rice and sauce.

Damage は?

Like most restaurants in Japan, the meals at Hamburg Will lunch menu starts at 1000 yen. You can help yourselves with different toppings that go with the hamburgers, which includes Moozzarella cheese (1200 yen), “Iwachu”bacon (1800 yen) or even Foie gras (1800 yen). You can also order these with set courses, which comes with salad, coffee/tea and dessert.

If you decide to go for dinner, you might be set back at meals starting from 3000 yen.

Dessert of the day is coconut jelly! Do note that dessert changes each day so do ask what is on the menu.

Last words,

This experience is just amazing, how can a hamburger taste this good? We are sure that you are drooling right now, so do make your way down to this restaurant when you are in Tokyo.

Operating hours are short and you will definitely find yourself in the queue for at least 30 minutes. So try to make your way there early before lunchtime so you do not miss last order.

For dinner, it is recommended to call in to make a reservation at least half a day in advance, else you might queue for up to two hours.

Restaurant Information

Hamburg Will

Address: 160-0022 Shinjuku 1-3-8, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:30(L.O at 14:00) | Dinner 17:30~21:00(L.O at 20:00)


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