More and more allied ships are joining Kantai Collection, and for the first time, we’re finally getting a Russian Fast Battleship! This is because KanColle finally launched their Spring 2017 event, “Sortie 5th Fleet to the Northeast”.

Much like previous KanColle events, Spring 2017 features ship locking, so better be mindful of who you’re sending out to sortie. It also features new equipment, and of course, new ship girls. And yes folks, better be ready for a lot of farming, because the staff confirmed that some of them are drops. Don’t worry though, some of them are also rewards for completing a map. Without further ado, here are the new ships:

Fleet Oiler Kamoi (E-3 drop, can freely switch between Fleet Oiler and Seaplane Tender after remodel)

Coastal Defense Ship Shimushu (E-3 Drop)

Coastal Defense Ship Kunashiri (E-2 Drop)

Light Carrier Kasuga Maru / Taiyou (changes name after first remodel, has a Kai Ni form)

Coastal Defense Ship Etorofu (No further information available at the moment)

Russian Fast Battleship Gangut/ Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya (Has 3 forms, where to get still unknown)

Gangut, who later had its name changed to Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya, isn’t the first Russian ship in the game. The honor actually falls to Hibiki’s kai Ni form, Verniy, who became a Soviet ship after the war. However, she will be the first Russian battleship in the game, joining other elite foreign battleships.

The event will have a total of five maps, and these maps comprise of either single fleet or combined fleet compositions. Land-based Airstrikes will also play a huge part in the event. As usual, do bring some Seaplanes and Radars as there will be eLoS checks.

images via KanColle Wikia