Yet another seiyuu got married this year, and this time, it’s Saeko Zougou. The Chaika the Coffin Princess seiyuu revealed her marriage via twitter, and also posted her wedding photos. Because she’s a seiyuu, she omitted her husband’s face for privacy reasons.

In her tweets, Zougou admitted she was nervous, but then became moved by all the blessings she received. The blushing bride also revealed she wore three different dresses for her wedding day, and also had three bouquet tosses. She had three bouquet tosses because she wanted a lot of ladies to catch it, as much as possible. As for her three dresses, she wore one for the ceremony, one for the reception, and also one for the debut party. She also revealed that her own mother made one of her dresses, and that she (the mother) made it as her graduation project. Her mother also wore that dress to her own wedding, and passed it down to her daughter.


The seiyuu is known for voicing Chaika the Coffin Princess’ Chaika Bogdan, as well as Sky Wizards Academy’s Freon. She also voiced Isuca’s Nadeshiko and Date A Live II’s Shiori. And speaking of Chaika the Coffin Princess, she also sang one of its theme songs as well. In fact, she’s also performed a number of Anime theme songs, including Triage X and Maken-Ki!.

We here at Wow Japan wish Saeko Sougou and her new husband the best of luck!