UR Toshi Kikou are doing a lot to show off their Masago Daiichi Danchi apartments in Chiba. Now, they are promoting the new apartment complex with the help of a cute little chipmunk. Oh, and this chipmunk also sort of serves as the apartment complex’s butler for some reason.

Does that chipmunk/butler sound familiar? That’s because the popular seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai himself, voiced him for the ad. In other words, the guy who voiced Osomatsu in Mr Osomatsu, as well as Code Geass’s Suzaku Kururugi, is that chipmunk. And with the choice of seiyuu, it seems that the video targets young women who are in need of a place to live.

The furry little mammal toured the complex and showed off its perks. These include easy access to parks, a train station, and of course, shopping. The video also shows off the apartment complex’s other amenities as well.

source: Nijimen