Ever wondered what the YKK in your pants’ zippers stand for? It means Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, a Japanese brand of zippers founded back in the 1930’s. Now, the zipper company has launched a brand new series of animated shorts titled “Fastening Days”. YKK launched the first one back in 2014, and then followed it up with a sequel.

The anime shorts follow Yoji and Kei, as well as their new mother, Anna. However, Anna doesn’t know that her children fight crime with zippers! Yup, you read that right. They save the day by using Fastening machines, which are wrist-mounted modules that shoot zippers.

Hiroyasu Ishida directed both shorts over at Studio Colorido. It seems that YKK even pulled out all the stops, as they even have original theme songs by Perfume. They also dubbed the series in eight different languages, so people outside of Japan can watch it too. Nothing less from the company whose zippers NASA used for the first moon mission with Neil Armstrong.

Oh, and the short also won the Silver Prize in the Original Content Division for the First Annual Ani Monozukuri Awards. They also launched an official site for the campaign.

source: Sora News 24