Slimes have proven to be one of Dragon Quest’s most popular mascots, even rivaling the popularity for Final Fantasy’s Chocobo and Moogles. In fact, many companies put Slimes front and center whenever they do collaborations with Dragon Quest. From PlayStation 4 controllers to “Slime Curry” to wallets, Slimes sure are popular. And now, it seems that ACER also came up with their own laptop featuring the Metal Slime.

Acer is also celebrating Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary, as they are releasing this laptop. Using their Aspire V13 V3-372-H58G laptopas base, this Dragon Quest laptop has Windows 10 Home Edition as is OS. It also has a Core i5-6267U CPU, an 8GB memory, a 1TB HD drive, and a 13.3 LCD screen.

Its also comes with a Metal Slime wallpaper and a few in-game bonuses for Dragon Quest X. This includes a  Metal Slime house, as well as a Metal Slime companion among others. Its battery life lasts 7 hours.

Acer will release this laptop in Japan sometime this month, but be prepared to shell out some money. The laptop costs 99,800 yen, but that seems to be a small price to pay for Dragon Quest fans, huh?

source: PC Watch