The hit Japanese mobile Role Playing Game, Fate/Grand Order is now available in English in the West! First released in July 2015 in Japan, the game received critical acclaim  and attracted many fans from both within and without Japan. It is due to the strong show of support from overseas fans that the English version of the game was put into production, said Yosuke Shiokawa.

Based on the popular Fate/Stay Night visual novel, the game sees players set out on a mission to save humanity. While remaining true to its visual novel roots, the game also features turn-based bard battles. Playing as a “Master”,  players control a team of powerful “Servants” to defeat enemies, with strategic combinations, and devastating special moves. Servants will also have their own story lines separate from the main story available to unlock.

The game is Free to Play, so if you need your Fate fix on the go, you can get the game here.