Looks like it’s not just Sailor Moon getting officially-recognised marriage certificates, but Pokemon as well. Thanks to Japanese wedding planning magazine, Zexy, Japan now has official Pokemon marriage documents. Their August issue actually comes as a bundle, and it contains the said official documents.

Zexy has now released their August 2017 issue, so let the Pokemon marriage celebrations begin! The Pokemon konintodoke (marriage registration form) features a groom Pikachu, as well as a bride Pikachu. The two look really happy together, huh?

The Japanese government officially recognises these konintodoke, so they will recognise the union of couples when they submit these forms to their local government offices. So if you’re a Japanese citizen and planning a Pokemon-themed ceremony, these documents are just perfect.

You just have to make sure you and your partner are of legal age to get married, OK?

…or make sure the one you’re marrying is real in the 3D world because they won’t recognise 2D waifus.

Source: Sora News 24