Gintama is getting its very own action game for the PS4, tentatively titled “Gintama Project Last Game”. Now, Bandai Namco Asia has revealed that they will be releasing the game for the Southeast Asian region. Specifically, they’ll be releasing the game for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. They also revealed a new English-subtitled trailer:

The Southeast Asian release will feature Japanese audio with English subtitles, so don’t worry about not understanding the story. Bandai Namco Asia will also release both a digital download version, as well as physical copies for the game.

Meanwhile, fans can also decide which bonus DLC Bandai Namco Asia will include for the game. They are deciding this via a vote, and voting is now open. Voting Site:

The Final bonus DLC item will be decided upon end of vote, dependent on results. They will announce more details on this Southeast Asian release in the future, so stay tuned for more announcements.