During the KonoSuba radio program in Hibiki Radio, seiyuu Jun Fukushima (Kazuma) and Rie Takahashi (Megumin) announce that there is a new anime project for Natsume Akatsuki’s KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world.

However, the radio program’s two seiyuu hosts didn’t discuss any further details about this new anime. As of writing, they still haven’t revealed the new anime’s format, whether it be a TV anime, film, or OVA. The anime’s twitter page also confirmed the new anime project, but also didn’t reveal much details.

But do expect the staff and cast to reveal more details about this soon. As for Megumin and Kazuma’s seiyuu, both of them host the KonoSuba radio program on Hibiki Radio. In Japan, notable voice cast members would often host an anime’s corresponding radio program.

Now, what do you guys think this new KonoSuba anime will be? Will this be a third season for the TV Anime? Or will this be another OVA? How about a KonoSuba feature-length film? That would be huge, huh? But whatever it is, expect Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua to give poor old Kazuma even more headaches…