Three huge anime and anime-related films made their debuts last weekend, and they are the 20th Pokemon film, the live-action Gintama film, and finally, the No Game, No Life film. has now revealed last weekend’s Box Office rankings, and it seems that Pokemon took 1st place.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! sold 436,000 tickets to earn 516 million yen in its opening weekend on 368 screens. It beats out the live-action Gintama film to take the coveted top spot in the Box Office rankings. Gintama sold 742,254 tickets to earn 982,291,500 yen on 335 screens for its first four days. But since this is for the weekend box office rankings, it only sold 392,789 tickets to earn 541,032,900 yen.

Meanwhile, the No Game, No Life prequel film debuted at 7th place. Unlike its rivals, it only opened across 61 screens in Japan. As for Studio Ponoc’s debut film, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, it fell from 2nd to 5th place in the box office rankings. The fantasy film debuted at 2nd place last week. Finally, the American Power Rangers film also debuted in Japan last weekend, and it took 9th place.