Globally, Naruto has become one of the most popular manga and anime franchises in the world. It’s also pretty popular in Vietnam, and one Vietnamese artist turned his fan illustrations magical thanks to everyday objects. Nguyen Quang Huy used his creativity to use everyday things like peanuts and leaves to turn his artworks magical. He applied this to his Naruto fan artworks, and it definitely got the attention of fans.

He uses a variety of objects, from a yellowed leaf for Naruto’s hair, to a petal for Sasuke’s fire ball. But then again, using a peanut for Gaara’s gourd left the most impression for many fans. However, let’s not count out Orochimaru either. And yes, he also used a peach seed for Tobi’s mask, as well as conch shell for Kakashi’s hair.

This Vietnamese artist usually posts his work via his Facebook page, as well as his Instagram page.