Pokemon GO has recently returned to the spotlight after adding legendary Pokemon like Lugia and Articuno. But now, it seems that they also have another rival GPS mobile game about to arrive. This game is inspired by Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga, and it’s called Bleach: Paradise Lost.

Much like Pokemon GO, the game has players go around town. However, instead of looking for Pokemon, players take up the role of a Shinigami and hunt down hollows. And unlike Pokemon GO, once players encounter a Hollow, they must engage it in 3D turn-based battles.

The game will feature characters from the manga, as well as backdrops from its settings like Karakura town and Soul Society. LINE is developing the game for smartphone users, and they’ll be releasing the game later this year. And speaking of LINE, those who want updates on the game can just download a QR code to add Bleach: Paradise Lost to your friends list.

And somehow, fans are now calling the game Pokemon IchiGO… I wonder why?

Source: Gematsu