Ash/Satoshi’s two original travel buddies, Misty (Kasumi) and Brock (Takeshi), have a special place in the hearts of fans. Now, their childhood will be returning, as the original Pokemon trio reunite for the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime.

Feel nostalgic yet? And it seems that Brock and Misty’s most powerful Pokemon can now also Mega Evolve. According to the Telubi-kun Magazine scan, Brock’s Steelix and Misty’s Gyarados can now Mega Evolve as well.

But why are they returning? That’s because Ash gets a special project in school, and he has to return to Kanto. And as he returns to Kanto, the original trio finally get their long-awaited reunion show!

And that’s not all, this won’t just happen for one episode, but two. According to the magazine, Ash’s Kanto return arc will be aired on 14th and 21st September in Japan.

Source: Serebii