In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of Premium Bandai Singapore, a second Preview Show featuring the all-new PG Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.] was held in Suntec City last 4th August 2017! This show follows the success of the PG Trans Arm Raiser Preview Show held in April of this year, which we’ve also covered here at WOW Japan.

The PG Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.] was modeled after the Unicorn Gundam from the theatrical OVA series released in 2014. The aptly named Perfect Grade kit features the impressive green Psycho Frame, as seen in the final battle scenes from the animation. Even the complicated Shield Funnel expansion can be reproduced with the LED Unit (sold separately) — in a vivid green color that’s different from the red version sold in stores.

One surprise of the evening was an unannounced display of the PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, which was slated for formal launch in early September. This marvel of modelling is a perfect 1/72 copy of the ship that did the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs (or 12, if you believe Han Solo), and was based off the 1.7 metre model used in filming the Star Wars movies.

If you missed the show, fret not — check out the complete gallery and spec sheet below from our friends at Bandai! Kindly note that all items are on a limited run, and once the production quota has been reached, reservations will no longer be accepted. Fans are also reminded to take advantage of the 1st Anniversary promo of Premium Bandai Singapore, where you can get a free shipping coupon just by signing up!

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• Release Information
PG Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.]
November 2017 (Estimated)

Green Psycho Frame
– The impressive green frame is reproduced with green clear molding that concentrates the light.
– Load the LED Unit (sold separately) to enjoy appealing light emissions that differ from the red Psycho Frame of the Unicorn Gundam as sold in stores.

Reproduce triple combination Shield Funnel scenes!
– Includes three Shields and six Beam Gatling Guns to reproduce the funnel expansion scenes, with an independently maneuverable shield from the animation.

Beam Gatling Gun is laminated into two, and can be equipped to the back of the shield.
– The Shield is equipped with Beam Gatling Gun, and can be displayed in a triple combination with the special included joint parts, and clear metallic action base 1.

Includes water slide decals!
– Includes water slide decals produced by Katoki Hajime, with a design that differs from the red frame of the Unicorn Gundam sold in stores.
– Marking designs are the same as PG 1/60 FA Expansion Effect Unit for Unicorn Gundam (*sold separately / top-selling item from PREMIUM BANDAI).

This kit is loaded with mechanisms to transform to Destroy Mode and Unicorn Mode.
– Possible to reproduce Destroy Unchained mode.
– Possible to reproduce Psycho Frame light emissions by equipping with LED Unit (sold separately).

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© BANDAI / Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Walt Disney Company
© BANDAI / Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Walt Disney Company
© BANDAI / Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Walt Disney Company
© BANDAI / Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Walt Disney Company

• Release Information
October 2017 (Estimated)

Reproducing the Finest Details
– Creating even inner details that will be concealed in the end.

-The shapes of the seats, console panels, and the instruments on the wall are all accurately recreated.
– By constructing this kit, fans can improve their structural understanding of how the Millennium Falcon is piloted.

Quad Laser Cannons
– The precisely recreated quad laser cannons are mounted onto the detailed turret seats and triggers.
– Experience the distance between the gunner and the cannon during battles.

– Holes in the walls
– Not only on the structures inside the holes, but also the various configurations covering the cylindrical walls are thoroughly reproduced.

Sides of the Ship
– Separate pieces for each detail were created to recreate the deeply-detailed sides of the ship in a three-dimensional fashion.
– The free-running pipes are represented in combination with individual pieces for a closer resemblance to the studio model.

Between the Mandibles
– The center of the ship is complex, but it was accurately perceived by investigating and studying the “1.7-meter studio model” that was used in the movie. Its complicated structure has been faithfully recreated.

Around the Exhaust Ports
– The complex details on the top of the Millennium Falcon are precisely crafted.
– The kit offers a choice between plastic and etched pieces to create the mesh vent grills, allowing for a more in-depth recreation.

LED Light-Up Feature
– The shining lights make the kit appear as if it is about to take off.

Sublight Engines
– For the PG 1/72 Scale Millennium Falcon, white lights were chosen as a sign of respect toward the first movie.
– The unique curved engine consists of light guiding parts that recreate the way the engine would light up in the movie.

Landing Gear/Boarding Ramp
– The three iconic landing gear legs are illuminated with LEDs and sturdily support the ship they did in the movie.
– The lights also help to recreate the image of the ship when it is parked.
– The boarding ramp is sculpted with such detail that it almost would not be surprising if Han Solo made his way down the ramp at any moment.

– The characteristic panels on the back of the cockpit light up as seen in the movie, evoking memories of memorable scenes.

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