The Gospellers is a Japanese five-man vocal group best known for their hits “Towa ni”, “Hitori”, “Hoshikuzu no Machi” and “Mimosa”. The group will be holding their first Singapore live concert on the 24th of September 2017 (Sunday) at the Drama Centre Theatre of the National Library.


Since their formation in the prestigious Waseda University in 1991, all the way to their major debut in 1994, The Gospellers have been touring continuously. WOW Japan is honored to have The Gospellers take some time out from their hectic schedules to answer a few questions from their fans.


Have you been to Singapore for work or holiday before?

This will be the first time for all members to be in Singapore.

Youichi Kitayama / © GRACIAS

What would you like to do while you are in Singapore for your concert?

Youichi Kitayama: Singapore seems to be the most rapidly changing country in the whole of Asia, and I hope to receive lots of inspiration while taking in the sights and sounds! I’m also excited to find out what kind of show we’ll be able to create with everyone in the audience.

Yutaka Yasuoka / © GRACIAS

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

Yutaka Yasuoka: In my high school years, I discovered soul music after listening to The Beatles and the songs that they covered. From there, I also got to know the a cappella music of Stardust Revue and Tatsuro Yamashita, and that’s how I ended up in an a cappella club in university.

Kaoru Kurosawa / © GRACIAS

Tell us your favorite story from your childhood.

Kaoru Kurosawa: I didn’t really take any special music lessons when I was a child. That’s why I’m still bad at reading music scores even now (laughs). I also love anime songs and was always singing them when I was younger. Since then, I’ve always taken a liking to songs with a higher key.


What is your favorite social media network (FB, IG, Twitter, ameblog) and why?

Kaoru Kurosawa: I’ve been using Instagram for 4 years. I really like the happy and friendly atmosphere of social network sites as well as feeling people’s reactions. I’m planning to post a lot during the upcoming Singapore concert too. My followers are not only Japanese and I have quite an Asian following as well.

Are you a morning person or a night person? Explain.

Youichi Kitayama: I’m a night person. Once I’m absorbed in my work, I forget about sleep. There are also times when I write good songs in the morning though…

Tetsuya Murakami / © GRACIAS

What is that one food that you did not like when you were younger but can now eat it?

Tetsuya Murakami: I wasn’t very particular about food when I was young. The only thing I couldn’t take during school meals when I was a student was the fatty part of pork, but I’m alright with it now.

Yuji Sakai / © GRACIAS

Please leave a final message for your fans.

Yuji Sakai: I’m happy to be able to let people hear our music live for the first time. The happier our fans are in Singapore, the more motivated we’ll be.


For more of The Gospellers, check out their new album “Soul Renaissance” — out now via CD and digital download. you can also catch all five member of The Gospellers — for the first time, live in Singapore! Tickets are going fast, so make sure you book them today!

• Live Information
The Gospellers Live in Singapore 2017

24 September 2017, Sunday
5:00pm (Doors open 4:00pm)
Drama Centre Theatre
100 Victoria Street, National Library Building Level 3, S(188064)

Category 1 – S$88 SOLD OUT!
Category 2 – S$68 SOLD OUT!
Category 3 – S$58 SELLING FAST!

Tickets available at from 15 July 2017 (12:00nn SGT).
**All ticket prices exclude SISTIC booking fees.

For enquiries, please email [email protected].