In the Japanese idol industry, there’s an unspoken fact that idols (and other fans) would endure the body odor of the other fans they are interacting with. And when SKE48-member, Kaori Matsumura, told fans to please use deodorant, she received a ton of praise. And because of this, SKE48 staffers gave away free deodorants in their handshaking event last weekend.



But while she pointed out two other brands in her request, it’s actually Gatsby which provided the free deodorants. They handed out free canisters of deodorant body spray, as well as 48,000 body wipes. Why 48,000? Because it’s 1,000 per member of SKE48.

They placed these “freebies” next to the booth selling SKE48 merchandise, so those fans that need them could see. A sign also said “Those of you lining up for handshakes, give yourself a wipe and a spray.”

Gatsby’s Mandom line, which provided the free deo, also received a ton of online praise. However, one online commenter pointed out that if Gatsby sold them in mango colors (in relation to the group’s new single, Igai ni Mango), they could have made a ton of money.

For decades, idols, as well as their more hygienic fans, have long suffered the body odor of many other fans. Many in the idol industry welcome the new move because of this fact.

So next time we go to a concert or event, always remember to take a shower first and use deodorant, OK?

Source: Sora News 24