C3 AFA Jakarta is bringing Indonesian anime, cosplay, and anisong fans only the best in Japanese pop culture! Check it out this 18th to the 20th of August 2017 at the JIEXPO in Kemayoran! If you’re a fan of male artists from Japan, you’re in for a treat!

He first came into the public eye as a popular cover artiste and acoustic arranger, but Tomohisa Sako has grown both as a singer and a musician. He now brings his warm and healing brand of vocals to I Love Anisong, but before that he sits down to answer a few questions from WOW Japan.

Will this be your first time in Indonesia?

This is my first time to go to Indonesia; I want to learn a lot about the country!

How did you get your start as an artiste?

It all started when I had to learn to play the guitar for our school festival!

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

It’s Masaharu Fukuyama! He’s not just a musician, he is also very talented in many other ways.

Tell us something interesting about yourself – for example, your family loves cats so can you tell us about them?

Our family has two cats. “Pipi” and “Chiko”, they are very good friends, and they are the best at comforting people. When I am with “Pipi” and “Chiko”, it’s a very restful and healing time for me.

Please give a message to your fans in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country I can’t usually visit, so I am very happy to be able to go this time. I wasn’t to be able to convey all my feelings with the Indonesian fans, so I will do my very best. Thanks so much!

Get to see the charming and talented Tomohisa Sako and the rest of the fantastic I Love Anisong line up at C3 AFA Jakarta! Want to make sure you get the best seats in the house?! You can also get early bird 2-day VIP tickets via Loket! Check out the official website for more information at c3afa.com/jakarta17!

● Event Information

18 – 20 Aug 2017
JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia

Official Website: c3afa.com/jakarta17
Online Ticketing: loket.com